An intuitive web-based platform that answers the challenges of sourcing and approaching rare talents.

Based on the latest advances in BIG DATA, semantic analysis and artificial intelligence the LittleBIGJob platform offers recruiters highly innovative, fast, and efficient tools to research and approach candidates.


An Artificial Intelligence dedicated to the world of Human Resources.

CEREBRA dynamically analyzes the professional digital presence of more than 600 million people around the world and gives its HR users digital superpowers.

Our products


​Get CEREBRA*, the artificial intelligence to target and link rare talents.

Because talented candidates don't consult anymore job boards,​ ​SMART POSTING, thanks to Artificial Intelligence CEREBRA, allows you to target and reach them directly by automatically sending them your job position by email.

*Optimal for compensation over 35K€


For your confidential talent sourcing

Because searches conducted using keywords are now insufficient to identify good profiles, the advanced career path analysis tool developed by LittleBIGJob gives you access to rare profiles not found elsewhere.

Our clients

Our clients identify and recruit rapidly, simply and at a lower cost,
the best profiles for their jobs to fill.


Professional Data

Our powerful search engine is continuously indexing numerous sources
of public professional data all over the web.


Professional Data

The continuous indexation of data, their interpretations,
target only the public professional elements that are necessary to recruitment.


Professional Data

The BIG DATA and semantic analysis technologies are set to offer you an easy and quick access
to all potential candidates (including passive profiles).

The indicators

Use the LittleBIGJob indicators to simply and quickly identify the best profiles,
optimize your direct or indirect approach strategy.



Define your approach strategy according to the candidates degree of availability (are they open to new opportunities?).



Focus your efforts only on profiles perfectly matching your search criteria.



Adapt your approach according to the level of interaction possible with the candidate(s) targeted.

In figures

+ 650

sources of the public data
indexed continuously

+ 640 million

of profiles identified and monitored
(the largest global index)

4 sec

to generate a short-list